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In the short story, “Gooseberries,” by Anton Chekhov we explore a story told by Ivan Ivanovitch and the way he conveys happiness is not typically the way a majority of people would view it. He would convey it as no point in pursuing and feeling happiness. He explains that to obtain happiness someone must be unhappy and carry the burden of it. It relates to ways one should live because one should always be aware of unhappiness coming their way while being happy. It is always short-lived and temporary. I agree with this because it allows people to not be vulnerable to these moments and isn’t as rough when the unhappiness moments come through.

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In “Gooseberries” a story written by Anton Chekhor, Ivan Ivanish tells a story of his brother where he seeks happiness through his dream of owning a farm with gooseberries in the countryside. How never in his life thought he might be the reason to his wife’s death as he was ignoring that in wise to get the happiness like in his childhood through the farm. Through his brother’s experience and story, he concludes that everyone wants to experience happiness in their lives but that no one wants to acknowledge the sadness that is an inevitable aspect of life. Where in order to be happy people ignore the suffering of others. With all the experience he wonders “why should we wait for things to happen”.  He thinks there is no existence of happiness nor should it in one’s life purpose, but we should rather do things which are reasonable and grand while we can in order to give a purpose to our life. This way one can be at peace and fill their hearts with the pleasure of enjoying things in the present with no expectation and regret in the future.

Gooseberries makes you Happy? Blog Post #3

Anton Chekhov tells a story about the search for happiness trow the story that Ivan tells about his brother and Ivan’s way to think about happiness the author underlines that happiness is not some something you have to look for or worry about but rather something natural, that does not needs anything in particular. Ivan critics his brother who in order to achieve his dream of a having a farm that in his mind is the only thing that will make him happy again, like in his childhood years. Torture himself and his wife to have a happiness that requires the people around to be unhappy. At the same time the over-analysis of happiness and the constant worry of Ivan does not allow him to enjoy the present and keeps him in the past.

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Ivan Ivanovitch tells a story about his brother to reveal how he views the nature of happiness in “Gooseberries” by Anton Chekhov. Even though his brother had fulfilled his dream of owning a country estate, what he did to get there was selfish and caused him to be in a huge home, alone and still selfish. By the end of the story, readers are able to recognize that according to Ivanovitch, a person becomes happier when they are not self-seeking, strive to help others, and never forget of those less privileged. This is because even if someone may have all the land, money, or “gooseberries” in the world, unless they are using their fortune for good, they become plain ignorant just as his brother had. Ivanovitch makes it clear that riches do not make you happy, creating positive changes and helping others is what brings happiness and is good for the soul.

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In “Gooseberries,” Ivan Ivanych expresses his deep skepticism against those who desire joyful, comfortable lifestyles; he thinks that pain is a necessary prelude to a meaningful existence and that seeking happiness is the wrong course since it results in complacency and stagnation. The majority of the story is that Ivan relates to his friends Alekhin and Burkin about his brother Nikolai, who spent decades of his life-saving money for a country house where he could live a simple, comfortable lifestyle. Ivan believes that creating a happy life this way is selfish and delusional since it only shields one from the reality of the outer world. he then talks about the hypocrisy of landowners who disregard the pain of others less fortunate than themselves as the subject of this tale. Chekhov, however, also brings up a more complex subject than class differences, as we can see when Ivan affirms the hollowness of individual success.

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In the short story “Gooseberries”, the author, Anton Chekhov, addresses the idea of happiness. The main character, Ivan Ivanich, tells his two friends a story about his brother. Through this, the author brings out some interesting ideas. The storyteller argues that happiness isn’t- or rather shouldn’t be- the greatest goal in life. He cries out for people to believe in a greater purpose, and seek to do good, even perhaps at the cost of their own superficial peace or happiness. He recognized that happiness and perfect peace are not something that can be completely or fully attained in this life, and that there will always be unrest or brokenness somewhere. Which is why we must do good.

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In “Gooseberries” by Anton Chekhov, Ivan Ivanovitch tells a story about his brother in which he conveys how he has come to think of the nature of happiness. What is his understanding of the role and nature of happiness in our lives? How does it relate to the ways one should or should not live?