Blog #3

In “Gooseberries” a story written by Anton Chekhor, Ivan Ivanish tells a story of his brother where he seeks happiness through his dream of owning a farm with gooseberries in the countryside. How never in his life thought he might be the reason to his wife’s death as he was ignoring that in wise to get the happiness like in his childhood through the farm. Through his brother’s experience and story, he concludes that everyone wants to experience happiness in their lives but that no one wants to acknowledge the sadness that is an inevitable aspect of life. Where in order to be happy people ignore the suffering of others. With all the experience he wonders “why should we wait for things to happen”.  He thinks there is no existence of happiness nor should it in one’s life purpose, but we should rather do things which are reasonable and grand while we can in order to give a purpose to our life. This way one can be at peace and fill their hearts with the pleasure of enjoying things in the present with no expectation and regret in the future.