Blog #2

“Perhaps the world ends here” by Joy Harjo represents our cycle of life in the form of a kitchen table where every occasion of our life occurs from birth to death.”the gifts of earth are brought and prepared “ which beautifully begins our life journey where earth has given us the gifts in form of food, water and air but as mentioned since creation, so it keeps on continuing and does not stop for anyone. The table is also shown as the aspect of life which keeps us connected with our family and contains our memories within it. “At this table we sing with joy, with sorrow” by this we understand that it is not only related to good but also bad times which brings us together giving us strength to keep going. As the table is the center of our home, it shows no matter where a person goes they always come back to the table and always will need a good company. “Eating of the last sweet bite” where our journey ends with the pleasant memories in the table.