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After reading Christina Rossetti’s poetry “Goblin market”, from my understanding it depicts the curiosity , innocence and love between two sisters as well as the unknown evil intention and temptation of the goblins. The goblins gives up the first impression of a strange beings who sells their orchard fruit, which is supposed to be sweet to tongue and pleasing to eyes. Laura’s curiosity is piqued by the way they describes their fruit, unaware from the intentions behind those sweet mesmerizing fruits. Laura’s sister lizzie notices her sister interest in them, which worries her and prompts her to advise Laura not to even look at them. Overcome by her temptation, she tries the fruit. It was something she never tasted before and sucked till her lips were sore. That decision leads her to find no more joy.Worried for her sister, Lizzie manages to bring the fruit from the goblins who “Coax’d and fought her, bullied and besought her”. “Laura awaken as from a dream; laugh’d in the innocent old way” as if the fruit brought her life and joy back. This poem shows the evil comes in sweet and enchanting form and that curiosity can be dangerous. But above all a true love can make differences and protects from these evils.

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  1. Paul Fess

    Interesting thoughts here, Yeshi. I’m wondering if you could say more about how the poem sets up a relationship between “true love” and “curiosity.”

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