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hello, my name is Alisha Spencer and I’m currently major is Childhood education. This is my first year attending LaGuardia community college, I’m currently majoring in childhood education with a GPA of 3.68 and 15 credits. I chose this major because I have always felt a connection to children and wanted to be a good example for them since I was a child. I’ve also worked with kids in the past. I taught dance as a student for a year. The pupils ranged in age from two to six. I was in charge of assisting the children with unfamiliar tasks, observing and entertaining them, and ensuring that they had their belongings at the end of the day. I only speak one language at the moment, but I am learning American Sign Language (ASL). I have been wanting to learn it for a few years to benefit myself and assist those who are unable to communicate verbally. I also enjoy dancing, listening to music, and reading books online. I currently work as a customer service representative at a clothing store. This is extremely significant because it teaches me to be patient with clients and to assist them with issues. Being able to expand my knowledge of the educational system, learn how to educate students, and develop as a person are all things I hope to accomplish during the semester.

Introduction Sebastian Samayoa.

Hi! My name is Sebastian. I am a Linguistics major and I am passionate about language. Since I learn English I start being more interested in the process of how language really work and how we learn a new ones. These is the reason I chose my mayor and is being great so far I think the knowledge about language I am getting now will be useful. Even if a don’t continue in the same academic path in the future.


Hello everyone, My name is Yeshi Lhamu Sherpa and i am majoring in Computer Science. I took some programming class before because of curiosity and i really like it. Even if it is still kind of hard for me, i want to do this. As i am new to New york, i am curious about a lots of things. I hope coming to Laguardia community college was the right choice.

Introduction to Allie Blank

Hi, my name is Allison Blank. I go by Allie, and a host of other nick names like Al, Al Pal, Big Bird, or anything else people come up with. I’m 18 years old, and I live in Corona NYC.

My life is full of various activities, but right now, I am the most passionate about my job. I am a manager at Chick-Fil-A, and I love being there. I love people, and take pride in building a team that is skilled and enjoys working with each other. I work hard to show my team a leader that cares about them personally. It can definitely be stressful, and being in leadership is never something I envisioned as part of my life, but I’m so glad I was willing to give it a shot. It has and is continuing to teach me so much about interacting with people and handling difficult things like setting boundaries and being ok with not being liked sometimes. It’s teaching me to stand up for myself, and to set goals and be visionary. I love my job, and am so thankful for all the people I’ve met along the way who have taught me so much.


For your first blog post assignment, I would like you introduce yourself by writing about something you are really passionate about. This could be a hobby, a movie, a book, or you could write about your job or what you’re doing in college. The important thing is that you help us see something that you are really interested in. (Feel free to use pictures and/or video clips)