For your first blog post assignment, I would like you introduce yourself by writing about something you are really passionate about. This could be a hobby, a movie, a book, or you could write about your job or what you’re doing in college. The important thing is that you help us see something that you are really interested in. (Feel free to use pictures and/or video clips)

1 thought on “Introductions

  1. Sherlyn Bernal (She/Her)

    Hi! My name is Sherlyn Bernal and I am a Childhood Education major. After Laguardia I hope to obtain my master’s in Bilingual Education at another college, not sure where yet. Currently, I am an after school counselor in an elementary school and in my free time I also tutor 1st graders. I really enjoy teaching kids and although it can get stressful at times, I remember patience and guidance is all they need. Besides being with kids, I enjoy going to concerts, being active, and watching movies.

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