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The End of the Table. Blog Post #2

In the poem Perhaps the World Ends Here Joy Harjo tell us the importance of the family and the home through the symbol of the kitchen table. The fiscal center of the home and the place of convergence of all activities in the home. The poem starts stating that the word starts and ends at the kitchen table. The kitchen table is a place of growth and leering were we gather as family and create memories. But are only the events and the people around that give it is importance, and the converging connections and relationships that make it the center. Perhaps the word will end ones we lose that connections.

Gooseberries makes you Happy? Blog Post #3

Anton Chekhov tells a story about the search for happiness trow the story that Ivan tells about his brother and Ivan’s way to think about happiness the author underlines that happiness is not some something you have to look for or worry about but rather something natural, that does not needs anything in particular. Ivan critics his brother who in order to achieve his dream of a having a farm that in his mind is the only thing that will make him happy again, like in his childhood years. Torture himself and his wife to have a happiness that requires the people around to be unhappy. At the same time the over-analysis of happiness and the constant worry of Ivan does not allow him to enjoy the present and keeps him in the past.

Introduction Sebastian Samayoa.

Hi! My name is Sebastian. I am a Linguistics major and I am passionate about language. Since I learn English I start being more interested in the process of how language really work and how we learn a new ones. These is the reason I chose my mayor and is being great so far I think the knowledge about language I am getting now will be useful. Even if a don’t continue in the same academic path in the future.