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Blog post #3

In “Gooseberries,” Ivan Ivanych expresses his deep skepticism against those who desire joyful, comfortable lifestyles; he thinks that pain is a necessary prelude to a meaningful existence and that seeking happiness is the wrong course since it results in complacency and stagnation. The majority of the story is that Ivan relates to his friends Alekhin and Burkin about his brother Nikolai, who spent decades of his life-saving money for a country house where he could live a simple, comfortable lifestyle. Ivan believes that creating a happy life this way is selfish and delusional since it only shields one from the reality of the outer world. he then talks about the hypocrisy of landowners who disregard the pain of others less fortunate than themselves as the subject of this tale. Chekhov, however, also brings up a more complex subject than class differences, as we can see when Ivan affirms the hollowness of individual success.

Blog post #2

Joy Harjo’s poem “Perhaps the world ends here” discusses life’s positive and negative aspects. The kitchen table is important because it is the center of the house, where everything important, big and small, happens and where a family unit lives. The image of “gifts of the earth” is used to describe food brought to the kitchen table extending the meaning of naturing into the second stanza. Food is a gift from the earth. The demonstration of eating turns out to be intrinsically associated with the land and nature, ‘gifts’ recommending the significance of nature. ” Our dreams drink coffee with us” so that their children can see them come to life. The extremely valuable kitchen table can be seen toward the end of the poem. The metaphorical “table,” which represents all of life, goes through “rain” and “sun” phases, which represent distinct times of those things. These weather patterns are used to create a hopeless illusion of happiness and sorrow for the living. The image of the “table” is always present and powerfully depicts support, regardless of the precise emotion.

Blog post #1

The poem “Goblin Market” by Chistina Rossetti is about the impact of food addiction. People try to warn them not to eat the fruit and talk about what happens if they eat it. They utilize the organic product to entice her like they would with drugs. they may appear to be good on the outside, but that does not necessarily imply that they are good on the inside. The goblins were portrayed in this manner. However, they have other ideas. Therefore, they attempt to profit from that. They describe the fruits in terms that give you an idea of how good they are. The structure of the poem is as follows: first, they talk about how delicious fruits and berries are, but then they say that you shouldn’t eat them because eating them would cause bad things. The connection between pleasure and food as a substance. Laura succumbs to the temptation and experiences withdrawal in the poem. Lizzy endeavors to acquire more fruit. The Goblins get upset since she would not eat it, so they attempt to compel it. However, they were unsuccessful. She returns home and informs Laura that she can consume the juice. Lizzy puts herself at risk. Similar to an antidote.


hello, my name is Alisha Spencer and I’m currently major is Childhood education. This is my first year attending LaGuardia community college, I’m currently majoring in childhood education with a GPA of 3.68 and 15 credits. I chose this major because I have always felt a connection to children and wanted to be a good example for them since I was a child. I’ve also worked with kids in the past. I taught dance as a student for a year. The pupils ranged in age from two to six. I was in charge of assisting the children with unfamiliar tasks, observing and entertaining them, and ensuring that they had their belongings at the end of the day. I only speak one language at the moment, but I am learning American Sign Language (ASL). I have been wanting to learn it for a few years to benefit myself and assist those who are unable to communicate verbally. I also enjoy dancing, listening to music, and reading books online. I currently work as a customer service representative at a clothing store. This is extremely significant because it teaches me to be patient with clients and to assist them with issues. Being able to expand my knowledge of the educational system, learn how to educate students, and develop as a person are all things I hope to accomplish during the semester.