Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti (blog post #1)


''Goblin Market" is a symbolic poem that connects men's and women's sensational temptations. the goblins represent the evil sight of a man who tempts women towards him and ruins them at the end. in this poem, laura and Lizzie are two sisters with two different perspectives. the goblins try to tempt them to purchase their luscious fruits. the fruits are symbolized by different kinds of desire and temptation. the fruits are represents forbidden, exotic, and sensual. Lizzie knows the outcome of the fruits sold by the goblins and she knows the exotic desire and danger of the goblin so she tried her best to keep her sister laura away from this evil deed. eventually, laura got trapped by the goblins and she ended up buying fruits and also tasting the fruit by selling her own golden lock. after eating fruits from the goblin Laura became a fallen woman and became deathly ill. Lizzie worries her sister she thought her sister will die if she did not receive any fruits further as laura yearns for more fruits. despite knowing the danger of the goblin market Lizzie went to the market to buy more fruits for her sister to save her life. overall, the poem describes sensational temptation, feminism, and also sisterhood.