In Christina Rossetti’s, “Goblin Market,” the poem speaks about addiction and temptation. We get an overview of a person named Laura and her process of becoming addicted to dangerous fruits. The author uses the imagery of food to further explore the temptation of Laura going for the goblins’ fruits. The way goblins are described in the poem are shown as good creatures with beautiful voices but of course, they have evil intentions and basically could be called two-faced creatures. Laura gives in to the temptations of the goblins and becomes sick with addiction and it’s up to her partner Lizzie to save her. Lizzie goes to the goblins to get some more fruit from them to help her suffering Laura and they don’t like the fact that she’s taking it for someone else and not for herself so she deals with the goblins’ brutality and comes out victorious and saves Laura at the end. What I liked the most is how the author went in depth with addiction for Laura. How Laura’s daily activities became worse and the fact that she thought she was going blind and deaf because she couldn’t hear the goblin’s calls but Lizzie could. It helped a lot to know how these fruits were affecting her and what she was going through.

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  1. Paul Fess

    Adiat, interesting observations. Were there specific descriptions of the goblins and/or Laura’s addiction that you found compelling?

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