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After reading the “Goblin Market” by Christina Rossetti, I found the main themes to be about evil vs. innocence and sacrifice. For starters, Laura and Lizzie represent the innocence and purity you may find in young women or children. The goblin men represent the evil for their tantalizing ways to get the girls to buy their fruit. Despite Laura’s sister, Lizzie, warning her to not go near or even look at the goblin men, Lauras lack of experience and judgement choose otherwise. Laura find herself being enchanted by the goblin merchant men and their fruit that is “Sweeter than honey from the rock, Stronger than man-rejoicing wine”. This decision nearly leads Laura to her demise as she could not find pleasure or joy in anything after that. In order to prevent Lauras passing, Lizzie sacrifices herself to get Laura the fruit she longed for, in hopes to bring life back to her. When she approaches the goblin men everything seems normal as they chant “Look at our apples Russet and dun, Bob at our cherries, Bite at our peaches”. However, when Lizzie’s fierce demeanor refuses to eat a bit of the fruit, the goblin men quickly change their behavior. “Their looks were evil. Lashing their tails They trod and hustled her”. Lizzie is able to grapple her way out and return home to Laura. Because Lizzie won the battle with the goblin men, it was as if Laura’s life and joy was restored. “Swift fire spread through her veins, knock’d at her heart. Lizzie demonstrates the theme of sacrafice and that good or “innocence” can beat evil.

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  1. Paul Fess

    Sherlyn, interesting observations here, and you do a good job of bringing your thoughts back to what you identify as the theme of the poem in the beginning.

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